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U+219011100010 10000110 10010000append← LEFTWARDS ARROW
U+219111100010 10000110 10010001append↑ UPWARDS ARROW
U+219211100010 10000110 10010010append→ RIGHTWARDS ARROW
U+219311100010 10000110 10010011append↓ DOWNWARDS ARROW
U+219411100010 10000110 10010100append↔ LEFT RIGHT ARROW
U+219511100010 10000110 10010101append UP DOWN ARROW
U+219611100010 10000110 10010110append NORTH WEST ARROW
U+219711100010 10000110 10010111append NORTH EAST ARROW
U+219811100010 10000110 10011000append SOUTH EAST ARROW
U+219911100010 10000110 10011001append SOUTH WEST ARROW
U+219A11100010 10000110 10011010append LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH STROKE
U+219B11100010 10000110 10011011append RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH STROKE
U+219C11100010 10000110 10011100append LEFTWARDS WAVE ARROW
U+219D11100010 10000110 10011101append RIGHTWARDS WAVE ARROW
U+219E11100010 10000110 10011110append LEFTWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW
U+219F11100010 10000110 10011111append UPWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW
U+21A011100010 10000110 10100000append RIGHTWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW
U+21A111100010 10000110 10100001append DOWNWARDS TWO HEADED ARROW
U+21A211100010 10000110 10100010append LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH TAIL
U+21A311100010 10000110 10100011append RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH TAIL
U+21A411100010 10000110 10100100append LEFTWARDS ARROW FROM BAR
U+21A511100010 10000110 10100101append UPWARDS ARROW FROM BAR
U+21A611100010 10000110 10100110append RIGHTWARDS ARROW FROM BAR
U+21A711100010 10000110 10100111append DOWNWARDS ARROW FROM BAR
U+21A811100010 10000110 10101000append UP DOWN ARROW WITH BASE
U+21A911100010 10000110 10101001append LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK
U+21AA11100010 10000110 10101010append RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK
U+21AB11100010 10000110 10101011append LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH LOOP
U+21AC11100010 10000110 10101100append RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH LOOP
U+21AD11100010 10000110 10101101append LEFT RIGHT WAVE ARROW
U+21AE11100010 10000110 10101110append LEFT RIGHT ARROW WITH STROKE
U+21AF11100010 10000110 10101111append DOWNWARDS ZIGZAG ARROW
U+21B011100010 10000110 10110000append UPWARDS ARROW WITH TIP LEFTWARDS
U+21B111100010 10000110 10110001append UPWARDS ARROW WITH TIP RIGHTWARDS
U+21B211100010 10000110 10110010append DOWNWARDS ARROW WITH TIP LEFTWARDS
U+21B311100010 10000110 10110011append DOWNWARDS ARROW WITH TIP RIGHTWARDS
U+21B411100010 10000110 10110100append RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH CORNER DOWNWARDS
U+21B511100010 10000110 10110101append↵ DOWNWARDS ARROW WITH CORNER LEFTWARDS
U+21B611100010 10000110 10110110append ANTICLOCKWISE TOP SEMICIRCLE ARROW
U+21B711100010 10000110 10110111append CLOCKWISE TOP SEMICIRCLE ARROW
U+21B811100010 10000110 10111000append NORTH WEST ARROW TO LONG BAR
U+21B911100010 10000110 10111001append LEFTWARDS ARROW TO BAR OVER RIGHTWARDS ARROW TO BAR
U+21BA11100010 10000110 10111010append ANTICLOCKWISE OPEN CIRCLE ARROW
U+21BB11100010 10000110 10111011append CLOCKWISE OPEN CIRCLE ARROW
U+21BC11100010 10000110 10111100append LEFTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB UPWARDS
U+21BD11100010 10000110 10111101append LEFTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB DOWNWARDS
U+21BE11100010 10000110 10111110append UPWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB RIGHTWARDS
U+21BF11100010 10000110 10111111append UPWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB LEFTWARDS
U+21C011100010 10000111 10000000append RIGHTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB UPWARDS
U+21C111100010 10000111 10000001append RIGHTWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB DOWNWARDS
U+21C211100010 10000111 10000010append DOWNWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB RIGHTWARDS
U+21C311100010 10000111 10000011append DOWNWARDS HARPOON WITH BARB LEFTWARDS
U+21C411100010 10000111 10000100append RIGHTWARDS ARROW OVER LEFTWARDS ARROW
U+21C511100010 10000111 10000101append UPWARDS ARROW LEFTWARDS OF DOWNWARDS ARROW
U+21C611100010 10000111 10000110append LEFTWARDS ARROW OVER RIGHTWARDS ARROW
U+21C711100010 10000111 10000111append LEFTWARDS PAIRED ARROWS
U+21C811100010 10000111 10001000append UPWARDS PAIRED ARROWS
U+21C911100010 10000111 10001001append RIGHTWARDS PAIRED ARROWS
U+21CA11100010 10000111 10001010append DOWNWARDS PAIRED ARROWS
U+21CB11100010 10000111 10001011append LEFTWARDS HARPOON OVER RIGHTWARDS HARPOON
U+21CC11100010 10000111 10001100append RIGHTWARDS HARPOON OVER LEFTWARDS HARPOON
U+21CD11100010 10000111 10001101append LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW WITH STROKE
U+21CE11100010 10000111 10001110append LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE ARROW WITH STROKE
U+21CF11100010 10000111 10001111append RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW WITH STROKE
U+21D011100010 10000111 10010000append⇐ LEFTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D111100010 10000111 10010001append⇑ UPWARDS DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D211100010 10000111 10010010append⇒ RIGHTWARDS DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D311100010 10000111 10010011append⇓ DOWNWARDS DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D411100010 10000111 10010100append⇔ LEFT RIGHT DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D511100010 10000111 10010101append UP DOWN DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D611100010 10000111 10010110append NORTH WEST DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D711100010 10000111 10010111append NORTH EAST DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D811100010 10000111 10011000append SOUTH EAST DOUBLE ARROW
U+21D911100010 10000111 10011001append SOUTH WEST DOUBLE ARROW
U+21DA11100010 10000111 10011010append LEFTWARDS TRIPLE ARROW
U+21DB11100010 10000111 10011011append RIGHTWARDS TRIPLE ARROW
U+21DC11100010 10000111 10011100append LEFTWARDS SQUIGGLE ARROW
U+21DD11100010 10000111 10011101append RIGHTWARDS SQUIGGLE ARROW
U+21DE11100010 10000111 10011110append UPWARDS ARROW WITH DOUBLE STROKE
U+21DF11100010 10000111 10011111append DOWNWARDS ARROW WITH DOUBLE STROKE
U+21E011100010 10000111 10100000append LEFTWARDS DASHED ARROW
U+21E111100010 10000111 10100001append UPWARDS DASHED ARROW
U+21E211100010 10000111 10100010append RIGHTWARDS DASHED ARROW
U+21E311100010 10000111 10100011append DOWNWARDS DASHED ARROW
U+21E411100010 10000111 10100100append LEFTWARDS ARROW TO BAR
U+21E511100010 10000111 10100101append RIGHTWARDS ARROW TO BAR
U+21E611100010 10000111 10100110append LEFTWARDS WHITE ARROW
U+21E711100010 10000111 10100111append UPWARDS WHITE ARROW
U+21E811100010 10000111 10101000append RIGHTWARDS WHITE ARROW
U+21E911100010 10000111 10101001append DOWNWARDS WHITE ARROW
U+21EA11100010 10000111 10101010append UPWARDS WHITE ARROW FROM BAR
U+21EB11100010 10000111 10101011append UPWARDS WHITE ARROW ON PEDESTAL
U+21EE11100010 10000111 10101110append UPWARDS WHITE DOUBLE ARROW
U+21EF11100010 10000111 10101111append UPWARDS WHITE DOUBLE ARROW ON PEDESTAL
U+21F011100010 10000111 10110000append RIGHTWARDS WHITE ARROW FROM WALL
U+21F111100010 10000111 10110001append NORTH WEST ARROW TO CORNER
U+21F211100010 10000111 10110010append SOUTH EAST ARROW TO CORNER
U+21F311100010 10000111 10110011append UP DOWN WHITE ARROW
U+21F411100010 10000111 10110100append RIGHT ARROW WITH SMALL CIRCLE
U+21F511100010 10000111 10110101append DOWNWARDS ARROW LEFTWARDS OF UPWARDS ARROW
U+21F611100010 10000111 10110110append THREE RIGHTWARDS ARROWS
U+21F711100010 10000111 10110111append LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH VERTICAL STROKE
U+21F811100010 10000111 10111000append RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH VERTICAL STROKE
U+21F911100010 10000111 10111001append LEFT RIGHT ARROW WITH VERTICAL STROKE
U+21FA11100010 10000111 10111010append LEFTWARDS ARROW WITH DOUBLE VERTICAL STROKE
U+21FC11100010 10000111 10111100append LEFT RIGHT ARROW WITH DOUBLE VERTICAL STROKE
U+21FD11100010 10000111 10111101append LEFTWARDS OPEN-HEADED ARROW
U+21FE11100010 10000111 10111110append RIGHTWARDS OPEN-HEADED ARROW
U+21FF11100010 10000111 10111111append LEFT RIGHT OPEN-HEADED ARROW
U+220011100010 10001000 10000000append∀ FOR ALL
U+220111100010 10001000 10000001append COMPLEMENT
U+220211100010 10001000 10000010append∂ PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL
U+220311100010 10001000 10000011append∃ THERE EXISTS
U+220411100010 10001000 10000100append THERE DOES NOT EXIST
U+220511100010 10001000 10000101append∅ EMPTY SET
U+220611100010 10001000 10000110append INCREMENT
U+220711100010 10001000 10000111append∇ NABLA
U+220811100010 10001000 10001000append∈ ELEMENT OF
U+220911100010 10001000 10001001append∉ NOT AN ELEMENT OF
U+220A11100010 10001000 10001010append SMALL ELEMENT OF
U+220B11100010 10001000 10001011append∋ CONTAINS AS MEMBER
U+220C11100010 10001000 10001100append DOES NOT CONTAIN AS MEMBER
U+220D11100010 10001000 10001101append SMALL CONTAINS AS MEMBER
U+220E11100010 10001000 10001110append END OF PROOF
U+220F11100010 10001000 10001111append∏ N-ARY PRODUCT
U+221011100010 10001000 10010000append N-ARY COPRODUCT
U+221111100010 10001000 10010001append∑ N-ARY SUMMATION
U+221211100010 10001000 10010010append− MINUS SIGN
U+221311100010 10001000 10010011append MINUS-OR-PLUS SIGN
U+221411100010 10001000 10010100append DOT PLUS
U+221511100010 10001000 10010101append DIVISION SLASH
U+221611100010 10001000 10010110append SET MINUS
U+221711100010 10001000 10010111append∗ ASTERISK OPERATOR
U+221811100010 10001000 10011000append RING OPERATOR
U+221911100010 10001000 10011001append BULLET OPERATOR
U+221A11100010 10001000 10011010append√ SQUARE ROOT
U+221B11100010 10001000 10011011append CUBE ROOT
U+221C11100010 10001000 10011100append FOURTH ROOT
U+221D11100010 10001000 10011101append∝ PROPORTIONAL TO
U+221E11100010 10001000 10011110append∞ INFINITY
U+221F11100010 10001000 10011111append RIGHT ANGLE
U+222011100010 10001000 10100000append∠ ANGLE
U+222111100010 10001000 10100001append MEASURED ANGLE
U+222211100010 10001000 10100010append SPHERICAL ANGLE
U+222311100010 10001000 10100011append DIVIDES
U+222411100010 10001000 10100100append DOES NOT DIVIDE
U+222511100010 10001000 10100101append PARALLEL TO
U+222611100010 10001000 10100110append NOT PARALLEL TO
U+222711100010 10001000 10100111append∧ LOGICAL AND
U+222811100010 10001000 10101000append∨ LOGICAL OR
U+222911100010 10001000 10101001append∩ INTERSECTION
U+222A11100010 10001000 10101010append∪ UNION
U+222B11100010 10001000 10101011append∫ INTEGRAL
U+222C11100010 10001000 10101100append DOUBLE INTEGRAL
U+222D11100010 10001000 10101101append TRIPLE INTEGRAL
U+222E11100010 10001000 10101110append CONTOUR INTEGRAL
U+222F11100010 10001000 10101111append SURFACE INTEGRAL
U+223011100010 10001000 10110000append VOLUME INTEGRAL
U+223111100010 10001000 10110001append CLOCKWISE INTEGRAL
U+223211100010 10001000 10110010append CLOCKWISE CONTOUR INTEGRAL
U+223311100010 10001000 10110011append ANTICLOCKWISE CONTOUR INTEGRAL
U+223411100010 10001000 10110100append∴ THEREFORE
U+223511100010 10001000 10110101append BECAUSE
U+223611100010 10001000 10110110append RATIO
U+223711100010 10001000 10110111append PROPORTION
U+223811100010 10001000 10111000append DOT MINUS
U+223911100010 10001000 10111001append EXCESS
U+223A11100010 10001000 10111010append GEOMETRIC PROPORTION
U+223B11100010 10001000 10111011append HOMOTHETIC
U+223C11100010 10001000 10111100append∼ TILDE OPERATOR
U+223D11100010 10001000 10111101append REVERSED TILDE
U+223E11100010 10001000 10111110append INVERTED LAZY S
U+223F11100010 10001000 10111111append SINE WAVE
U+224011100010 10001001 10000000append WREATH PRODUCT
U+224111100010 10001001 10000001append NOT TILDE
U+224211100010 10001001 10000010append MINUS TILDE
U+224311100010 10001001 10000011append ASYMPTOTICALLY EQUAL TO
U+224411100010 10001001 10000100append NOT ASYMPTOTICALLY EQUAL TO
U+224511100010 10001001 10000101append≅ APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO
U+224611100010 10001001 10000110append APPROXIMATELY BUT NOT ACTUALLY EQUAL TO
U+224711100010 10001001 10000111append NEITHER APPROXIMATELY NOR ACTUALLY EQUAL TO
U+224811100010 10001001 10001000append≈ ALMOST EQUAL TO
U+224911100010 10001001 10001001append NOT ALMOST EQUAL TO
U+224A11100010 10001001 10001010append ALMOST EQUAL OR EQUAL TO
U+224B11100010 10001001 10001011append TRIPLE TILDE
U+224C11100010 10001001 10001100append ALL EQUAL TO
U+224D11100010 10001001 10001101append EQUIVALENT TO
U+224E11100010 10001001 10001110append GEOMETRICALLY EQUIVALENT TO
U+224F11100010 10001001 10001111append DIFFERENCE BETWEEN
U+225011100010 10001001 10010000append APPROACHES THE LIMIT
U+225111100010 10001001 10010001append GEOMETRICALLY EQUAL TO
U+225211100010 10001001 10010010append APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO OR THE IMAGE OF
U+225311100010 10001001 10010011append IMAGE OF OR APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO
U+225411100010 10001001 10010100append COLON EQUALS
U+225511100010 10001001 10010101append EQUALS COLON
U+225611100010 10001001 10010110append RING IN EQUAL TO
U+225711100010 10001001 10010111append RING EQUAL TO
U+225811100010 10001001 10011000append CORRESPONDS TO
U+225911100010 10001001 10011001append ESTIMATES
U+225A11100010 10001001 10011010append EQUIANGULAR TO
U+225B11100010 10001001 10011011append STAR EQUALS
U+225C11100010 10001001 10011100append DELTA EQUAL TO
U+225D11100010 10001001 10011101append EQUAL TO BY DEFINITION
U+225E11100010 10001001 10011110append MEASURED BY
U+225F11100010 10001001 10011111append QUESTIONED EQUAL TO
U+226011100010 10001001 10100000append≠ NOT EQUAL TO
U+226111100010 10001001 10100001append≡ IDENTICAL TO
U+226211100010 10001001 10100010append NOT IDENTICAL TO
U+226311100010 10001001 10100011append STRICTLY EQUIVALENT TO
U+226411100010 10001001 10100100append≤ LESS-THAN OR EQUAL TO
U+226511100010 10001001 10100101append≥ GREATER-THAN OR EQUAL TO
U+226611100010 10001001 10100110append LESS-THAN OVER EQUAL TO
U+226711100010 10001001 10100111append GREATER-THAN OVER EQUAL TO
U+226811100010 10001001 10101000append LESS-THAN BUT NOT EQUAL TO
U+226911100010 10001001 10101001append GREATER-THAN BUT NOT EQUAL TO
U+226A11100010 10001001 10101010append MUCH LESS-THAN
U+226B11100010 10001001 10101011append MUCH GREATER-THAN
U+226C11100010 10001001 10101100append BETWEEN
U+226D11100010 10001001 10101101append NOT EQUIVALENT TO
U+226E11100010 10001001 10101110append NOT LESS-THAN
U+226F11100010 10001001 10101111append NOT GREATER-THAN
U+227011100010 10001001 10110000append NEITHER LESS-THAN NOR EQUAL TO
U+227111100010 10001001 10110001append NEITHER GREATER-THAN NOR EQUAL TO
U+227211100010 10001001 10110010append LESS-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO
U+227311100010 10001001 10110011append GREATER-THAN OR EQUIVALENT TO
U+227411100010 10001001 10110100append NEITHER LESS-THAN NOR EQUIVALENT TO
U+227511100010 10001001 10110101append NEITHER GREATER-THAN NOR EQUIVALENT TO
U+227611100010 10001001 10110110append LESS-THAN OR GREATER-THAN
U+227711100010 10001001 10110111append GREATER-THAN OR LESS-THAN
U+227811100010 10001001 10111000append NEITHER LESS-THAN NOR GREATER-THAN
U+227911100010 10001001 10111001append NEITHER GREATER-THAN NOR LESS-THAN
U+227A11100010 10001001 10111010append PRECEDES
U+227B11100010 10001001 10111011append SUCCEEDS
U+227C11100010 10001001 10111100append PRECEDES OR EQUAL TO
U+227D11100010 10001001 10111101append SUCCEEDS OR EQUAL TO
U+227E11100010 10001001 10111110append PRECEDES OR EQUIVALENT TO
U+227F11100010 10001001 10111111append SUCCEEDS OR EQUIVALENT TO
U+228011100010 10001010 10000000append DOES NOT PRECEDE
U+228111100010 10001010 10000001append DOES NOT SUCCEED
U+228211100010 10001010 10000010append⊂ SUBSET OF
U+228311100010 10001010 10000011append⊃ SUPERSET OF
U+228411100010 10001010 10000100append⊄ NOT A SUBSET OF
U+228511100010 10001010 10000101append NOT A SUPERSET OF
U+228611100010 10001010 10000110append⊆ SUBSET OF OR EQUAL TO
U+228711100010 10001010 10000111append⊇ SUPERSET OF OR EQUAL TO
U+228811100010 10001010 10001000append NEITHER A SUBSET OF NOR EQUAL TO
U+228911100010 10001010 10001001append NEITHER A SUPERSET OF NOR EQUAL TO
U+228A11100010 10001010 10001010append SUBSET OF WITH NOT EQUAL TO
U+228B11100010 10001010 10001011append SUPERSET OF WITH NOT EQUAL TO
U+228C11100010 10001010 10001100append MULTISET
U+228D11100010 10001010 10001101append MULTISET MULTIPLICATION
U+228E11100010 10001010 10001110append MULTISET UNION
U+228F11100010 10001010 10001111append SQUARE IMAGE OF