UTF-8 encoding table and Unicode characters

page with code points U+2205 to U+2404

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code point
character UTF-8
U+2205e2 88 85
U+2206e2 88 86
U+2207e2 88 87
U+2208e2 88 88
U+2209e2 88 89
U+220Ae2 88 8a
U+220Be2 88 8b
U+220Ce2 88 8c
U+220De2 88 8d
U+220Ee2 88 8e
U+220Fe2 88 8f
U+2210e2 88 90
U+2211e2 88 91
U+2212e2 88 92
U+2213e2 88 93
U+2214e2 88 94
U+2215e2 88 95
U+2216e2 88 96
U+2217e2 88 97
U+2218e2 88 98
U+2219e2 88 99
U+221Ae2 88 9a
U+221Be2 88 9b
U+221Ce2 88 9c
U+221De2 88 9d
U+221Ee2 88 9e
U+221Fe2 88 9f
U+2220e2 88 a0
U+2221e2 88 a1
U+2222e2 88 a2
U+2223e2 88 a3
U+2224e2 88 a4
U+2225e2 88 a5
U+2226e2 88 a6
U+2227e2 88 a7
U+2228e2 88 a8
U+2229e2 88 a9
U+222Ae2 88 aa
U+222Be2 88 ab
U+222Ce2 88 ac
U+222De2 88 ad
U+222Ee2 88 ae
U+222Fe2 88 af
U+2230e2 88 b0
U+2231e2 88 b1
U+2232e2 88 b2
U+2233e2 88 b3
U+2234e2 88 b4
U+2235e2 88 b5
U+2236e2 88 b6
U+2237e2 88 b7
U+2238e2 88 b8
U+2239e2 88 b9
U+223Ae2 88 ba
U+223Be2 88 bb
U+223Ce2 88 bc
U+223De2 88 bd
U+223Ee2 88 be
U+223Fe2 88 bf
U+2240e2 89 80
U+2241e2 89 81
U+2242e2 89 82
U+2243e2 89 83
U+2244e2 89 84
U+2245e2 89 85
U+2246e2 89 86
U+2247e2 89 87
U+2248e2 89 88
U+2249e2 89 89
U+224Ae2 89 8a
U+224Be2 89 8b
U+224Ce2 89 8c
U+224De2 89 8d
U+224Ee2 89 8e
U+224Fe2 89 8f
U+2250e2 89 90
U+2251e2 89 91
U+2252e2 89 92
U+2253e2 89 93
U+2254e2 89 94
U+2255e2 89 95
U+2256e2 89 96
U+2257e2 89 97
U+2258e2 89 98
U+2259e2 89 99
U+225Ae2 89 9a
U+225Be2 89 9b
U+225Ce2 89 9c
U+225De2 89 9d
U+225Ee2 89 9e
U+225Fe2 89 9f
U+2260e2 89 a0
U+2261e2 89 a1
U+2262e2 89 a2
U+2263e2 89 a3
U+2264e2 89 a4
U+2265e2 89 a5
U+2266e2 89 a6
U+2267e2 89 a7
U+2268e2 89 a8
U+2269e2 89 a9
U+226Ae2 89 aa
U+226Be2 89 ab
U+226Ce2 89 ac
U+226De2 89 ad
U+226Ee2 89 ae
U+226Fe2 89 af
U+2270e2 89 b0
U+2271e2 89 b1
U+2272e2 89 b2
U+2273e2 89 b3
U+2274e2 89 b4
U+2275e2 89 b5
U+2276e2 89 b6
U+2277e2 89 b7
U+2278e2 89 b8
U+2279e2 89 b9
U+227Ae2 89 ba
U+227Be2 89 bb
U+227Ce2 89 bc
U+227De2 89 bd
U+227Ee2 89 be
U+227Fe2 89 bf
U+2280e2 8a 80
U+2281e2 8a 81
U+2282e2 8a 82
U+2283e2 8a 83
U+2284e2 8a 84
U+2285e2 8a 85
U+2286e2 8a 86
U+2287e2 8a 87
U+2288e2 8a 88
U+2289e2 8a 89
U+228Ae2 8a 8a
U+228Be2 8a 8b
U+228Ce2 8a 8c
U+228De2 8a 8d
U+228Ee2 8a 8e
U+228Fe2 8a 8f
U+2290e2 8a 90
U+2291e2 8a 91
U+2292e2 8a 92
U+2293e2 8a 93
U+2294e2 8a 94
U+2295e2 8a 95
U+2296e2 8a 96
U+2297e2 8a 97
U+2298e2 8a 98
U+2299e2 8a 99
U+229Ae2 8a 9a
U+229Be2 8a 9b
U+229Ce2 8a 9c
U+229De2 8a 9d
U+229Ee2 8a 9e
U+229Fe2 8a 9f
U+22A0e2 8a a0
U+22A1e2 8a a1
U+22A2e2 8a a2
U+22A3e2 8a a3
U+22A4e2 8a a4
U+22A5e2 8a a5
U+22A6e2 8a a6
U+22A7e2 8a a7
U+22A8e2 8a a8
U+22A9e2 8a a9
U+22AAe2 8a aa
U+22ABe2 8a ab
U+22ACe2 8a ac
U+22ADe2 8a ad
U+22AEe2 8a ae
U+22AFe2 8a af
U+22B0e2 8a b0
U+22B1e2 8a b1
U+22B2e2 8a b2
U+22B3e2 8a b3
U+22B4e2 8a b4
U+22B5e2 8a b5
U+22B6e2 8a b6
U+22B7e2 8a b7
U+22B8e2 8a b8
U+22B9e2 8a b9
U+22BAe2 8a ba
U+22BBe2 8a bb
U+22BCe2 8a bc
U+22BDe2 8a bd
U+22BEe2 8a be
U+22BFe2 8a bf
U+22C0e2 8b 80
U+22C1e2 8b 81
U+22C2e2 8b 82
U+22C3e2 8b 83
U+22C4e2 8b 84
U+22C5e2 8b 85
U+22C6e2 8b 86
U+22C7e2 8b 87
U+22C8e2 8b 88
U+22C9e2 8b 89
U+22CAe2 8b 8a
U+22CBe2 8b 8b
U+22CCe2 8b 8c
U+22CDe2 8b 8d
U+22CEe2 8b 8e
U+22CFe2 8b 8f
U+22D0e2 8b 90
U+22D1e2 8b 91
U+22D2e2 8b 92
U+22D3e2 8b 93
U+22D4e2 8b 94
U+22D5e2 8b 95
U+22D6e2 8b 96
U+22D7e2 8b 97
U+22D8e2 8b 98
U+22D9e2 8b 99
U+22DAe2 8b 9a
U+22DBe2 8b 9b
U+22DCe2 8b 9c
U+22DDe2 8b 9d
U+22DEe2 8b 9e
U+22DFe2 8b 9f
U+22E0e2 8b a0
U+22E1e2 8b a1
U+22E2e2 8b a2
U+22E3e2 8b a3
U+22E4e2 8b a4
U+22E5e2 8b a5
U+22E6e2 8b a6
U+22E7e2 8b a7
U+22E8e2 8b a8
U+22E9e2 8b a9
U+22EAe2 8b aa
U+22EBe2 8b ab
U+22ECe2 8b ac
U+22EDe2 8b ad
U+22EEe2 8b ae
U+22EFe2 8b af
U+22F0e2 8b b0
U+22F1e2 8b b1
U+22F2e2 8b b2
U+22F3e2 8b b3
U+22F4e2 8b b4
U+22F5e2 8b b5
U+22F6e2 8b b6
U+22F7e2 8b b7
U+22F8e2 8b b8
U+22F9e2 8b b9
U+22FAe2 8b ba
U+22FBe2 8b bb
U+22FCe2 8b bc
U+22FDe2 8b bd
U+22FEe2 8b be
U+22FFe2 8b bf
U+2300e2 8c 80
U+2301e2 8c 81
U+2302e2 8c 82
U+2303e2 8c 83
U+2304e2 8c 84
U+2305e2 8c 85
U+2306e2 8c 86
U+2307e2 8c 87
U+2308e2 8c 88
U+2309e2 8c 89
U+230Ae2 8c 8a
U+230Be2 8c 8b
U+230Ce2 8c 8c
U+230De2 8c 8d
U+230Ee2 8c 8e
U+230Fe2 8c 8f
U+2310e2 8c 90
U+2311e2 8c 91
U+2312e2 8c 92
U+2313e2 8c 93
U+2314e2 8c 94
U+2315e2 8c 95
U+2316e2 8c 96
U+2317e2 8c 97
U+2318e2 8c 98
U+2319e2 8c 99
U+231Ae2 8c 9a
U+231Be2 8c 9b
U+231Ce2 8c 9c
U+231De2 8c 9d
U+231Ee2 8c 9e
U+231Fe2 8c 9f
U+2320e2 8c a0
U+2321e2 8c a1
U+2322e2 8c a2
U+2323e2 8c a3
U+2324e2 8c a4
U+2325e2 8c a5
U+2326e2 8c a6
U+2327e2 8c a7
U+2328e2 8c a8
U+2329e2 8c a9
U+232Ae2 8c aa
U+232Be2 8c ab
U+232Ce2 8c ac
U+232De2 8c ad
U+232Ee2 8c ae
U+232Fe2 8c af
U+2330e2 8c b0
U+2331e2 8c b1
U+2332e2 8c b2
U+2333e2 8c b3
U+2334e2 8c b4
U+2335e2 8c b5
U+2336e2 8c b6
U+2337e2 8c b7
U+2338e2 8c b8
U+2339e2 8c b9
U+233Ae2 8c ba
U+233Be2 8c bb
U+233Ce2 8c bc
U+233De2 8c bd
U+233Ee2 8c be
U+233Fe2 8c bf
U+2340e2 8d 80
U+2341e2 8d 81
U+2342e2 8d 82
U+2343e2 8d 83
U+2344e2 8d 84
U+2345e2 8d 85
U+2346e2 8d 86
U+2347e2 8d 87
U+2348e2 8d 88
U+2349e2 8d 89
U+234Ae2 8d 8a
U+234Be2 8d 8b
U+234Ce2 8d 8c
U+234De2 8d 8d
U+234Ee2 8d 8e
U+234Fe2 8d 8f
U+2350e2 8d 90
U+2351e2 8d 91
U+2352e2 8d 92
U+2353e2 8d 93
U+2354e2 8d 94
U+2355e2 8d 95
U+2356e2 8d 96
U+2357e2 8d 97
U+2358e2 8d 98
U+2359e2 8d 99
U+235Ae2 8d 9a
U+235Be2 8d 9b
U+235Ce2 8d 9c
U+235De2 8d 9d
U+235Ee2 8d 9e
U+235Fe2 8d 9f
U+2360e2 8d a0
U+2361e2 8d a1
U+2362e2 8d a2
U+2363e2 8d a3
U+2364e2 8d a4
U+2365e2 8d a5
U+2366e2 8d a6
U+2367e2 8d a7
U+2368e2 8d a8
U+2369e2 8d a9
U+236Ae2 8d aa
U+236Be2 8d ab
U+236Ce2 8d ac
U+236De2 8d ad
U+236Ee2 8d ae
U+236Fe2 8d af
U+2370e2 8d b0
U+2371e2 8d b1
U+2372e2 8d b2
U+2373e2 8d b3
U+2374e2 8d b4
U+2375e2 8d b5
U+2376e2 8d b6
U+2377e2 8d b7
U+2378e2 8d b8
U+2379e2 8d b9
U+237Ae2 8d ba
U+237Be2 8d bb
U+237Ce2 8d bc
U+237De2 8d bd
U+237Ee2 8d be
U+237Fe2 8d bf
U+2380e2 8e 80
U+2381e2 8e 81
U+2382e2 8e 82
U+2383e2 8e 83
U+2384e2 8e 84
U+2385e2 8e 85
U+2386e2 8e 86
U+2387e2 8e 87
U+2388e2 8e 88
U+2389e2 8e 89
U+238Ae2 8e 8a
U+238Be2 8e 8b
U+238Ce2 8e 8c
U+238De2 8e 8d
U+238Ee2 8e 8e
U+238Fe2 8e 8f
U+2390e2 8e 90
U+2391e2 8e 91
U+2392e2 8e 92
U+2393e2 8e 93
U+2394e2 8e 94
U+2395e2 8e 95
U+2396e2 8e 96
U+2397e2 8e 97
U+2398e2 8e 98
U+2399e2 8e 99
U+239Ae2 8e 9a
U+239Be2 8e 9b
U+239Ce2 8e 9c
U+239De2 8e 9d
U+239Ee2 8e 9e
U+239Fe2 8e 9f
U+23A0e2 8e a0
U+23A1e2 8e a1
U+23A2e2 8e a2
U+23A3e2 8e a3
U+23A4e2 8e a4
U+23A5e2 8e a5
U+23A6e2 8e a6
U+23A7e2 8e a7
U+23A8e2 8e a8
U+23A9e2 8e a9
U+23AAe2 8e aa
U+23ABe2 8e ab
U+23ACe2 8e ac
U+23ADe2 8e ad
U+23AEe2 8e ae
U+23AFe2 8e af
U+23B0e2 8e b0
U+23B1e2 8e b1
U+23B2e2 8e b2
U+23B3e2 8e b3
U+23B4e2 8e b4
U+23B5e2 8e b5
U+23B6e2 8e b6
U+23B7e2 8e b7
U+23B8e2 8e b8
U+23B9e2 8e b9
U+23BAe2 8e ba
U+23BBe2 8e bb
U+23BCe2 8e bc
U+23BDe2 8e bd
U+23BEe2 8e be
U+23BFe2 8e bf
U+23C0e2 8f 80
U+23C1e2 8f 81
U+23C2e2 8f 82
U+23C3e2 8f 83
U+23C4e2 8f 84
U+23C5e2 8f 85
U+23C6e2 8f 86
U+23C7e2 8f 87
U+23C8e2 8f 88
U+23C9e2 8f 89
U+23CAe2 8f 8a
U+23CBe2 8f 8b
U+23CCe2 8f 8c
U+23CDe2 8f 8d
U+23CEe2 8f 8e
U+23CFe2 8f 8f
U+23D0e2 8f 90
U+23D1e2 8f 91
U+23D2e2 8f 92
U+23D3e2 8f 93
U+23D4e2 8f 94
U+23D5e2 8f 95
U+23D6e2 8f 96
U+23D7e2 8f 97
U+23D8e2 8f 98
U+23D9e2 8f 99
U+23DAe2 8f 9a
U+23DBe2 8f 9b
U+23DCe2 8f 9c
U+23DDe2 8f 9d
U+23DEe2 8f 9e
U+23DFe2 8f 9f
U+23E0e2 8f a0
U+23E1e2 8f a1
U+23E2e2 8f a2
U+23E3e2 8f a3
U+23E4e2 8f a4
U+23E5e2 8f a5
U+23E6e2 8f a6
U+23E7e2 8f a7
U+23E8e2 8f a8
U+23E9e2 8f a9
U+23EAe2 8f aa
U+23EBe2 8f ab
U+23ECe2 8f ac
U+23EDe2 8f ad
U+23EEe2 8f ae
U+23EFe2 8f af
U+23F0e2 8f b0
U+23F1e2 8f b1
U+23F2e2 8f b2
U+23F3e2 8f b3
U+23F4e2 8f b4
U+23F5e2 8f b5
U+23F6e2 8f b6
U+23F7e2 8f b7
U+23F8e2 8f b8
U+23F9e2 8f b9
U+23FAe2 8f ba
U+23FBe2 8f bb
U+23FCe2 8f bc
U+23FDe2 8f bd
U+23FEe2 8f be
U+23FFe2 8f bf
U+2400e2 90 80
U+2401e2 90 81
U+2402e2 90 82
U+2403e2 90 83
U+2404e2 90 84